Forfeng Media (a division of Forfeng Designs) started out as a design company back in 2003. In 2009 we had clients coming to us asking us about blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Back in 2009 there was not any classes you could take to learn about social media, only big marketing companies telling you, you needed to be doing it.

When Heather Turner, the owner, was a small child she liked to take things apart, to see how they worked.

How does this relate to the emergence of social media for marketing you ask? Well social media is a bit like a automobile. A car has many moving parts, as time goes by it adds features and upgrades (sometimes downgrades) and continues to evolve and change how it looks and operates. You have to keep up with changes.

Because social media changes now almost on a daily basis, it is a challenge to learn and understand it, which our owner embraces that challenge with a passion. Learning how things work and teaching them to others is also a passion. While taking apart a toaster for example,  is not comparable to what social media has become, the curiosity to find out how things work and what makes them tick is what puts Forfeng Media above the crowd.


Heather has a vast amount of knowledge in the social media arena. I personally benefited from classes that she conducted at the Glastonbury Chamber and was impressed by her ability to keep things simple and the subject matter focused. I would strongly recommend anyone considering Heather's services to not hesitate any longer. You will be glad you did!
Jeff Foley, Owner, Minuteman Press

Forfeng Media
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